Because Marathon: My Second 26.2 will be in September

Because MarathonUp till 10:45 at night working on a training plan…

Justifying the Costco Nutella 2-Pack…

Daydreaming about running…

Researching hydration packs…

…because marathon.

Making the official blog announcement here today that I am running the 2015 Beat the Blerch full marathon on Sept. 12—a couple of weeks before my 38th birthday.

I am using Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 plan, which I will start May 11. Until then, I will be adding some extra super slow runs to my week. I will continue lifting using the Get Stronger Faster plan by David Dellanave from Jen Sinkler (Lift Weights Faster) 3x/week because I love it. I’m 3+ weeks into the plan already. (I had no idea I could squat triple digits in the rack!)

I chose Matt Fitzgerald’s marathon training plan because it focuses on increasing mileage through slow running with some speed lightly sprinkled in. From past experience, I know that I start to get hurt when I run too fast, too often. The idea is 80 percent slow running, 20 percent moderate- to high-intensity running. I am down with that!

My easy pace will be between about 11:30-12:15ish per mile and long run pace will be about 10:30-11:30. I’ll take it! Those are paces at which I feel I can run for a long time even now.

Thinking back to the Hot Chocolate 15K in February, all I was doing was lifting 3x/week and running slow for about an hour 1-2x/week plus a long run on the weekend, and I felt really strong in that race. Kim and I finished with a 1:32:51, and besides some sore feet I felt like I could’ve kept going.

You can watch the video of me and Kim crossing the finish line and holding hands here. Thanks for providing that Hot Chocolate race organizers!

Because Marathon
Me and Kim crossing the finish at the Hot Chocolate 15K in Seattle.

I looked at the Run Less, Run Faster full marathon training plan last week and cringed. It had injury written all over it. For me, that plan is fine for a 5K, but not a 26.2-mile race. It might be great for others. Everyone’s different. The key is knowing yourself as a runner.

Beat the Blerch will be my second marathon, and I plan to see this one through. In 2013, I signed up to run the Seattle Marathon (which is in December—brrrr), but overestimated my enthusiasm and underestimated how much time I would actually have to train. I never really even got started training for that one.

I don’t feel motivated to run a marathon in downtown Seattle again (my first was the Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle Marathon in 2011—on the old point-to-point course). I’ve run tons of half marathons there.

Because Marathon
Zoe and me (in pink shirt) running our first marathon, Rock N Roll Seattle 2011.

Beat the Blerch should be an excellent second marathon for me. I do most of my running on the trail by my house—a groomed, fairly flat dirt and gravel trail. The Beat the Blerch course is very similar. I’ve even run a portion of it before during the Mt. Si Relay.

I have a really good feeling about this marathon, and I am excited to get started training.

Hide your Nutella! This girl’s about to get her long runs on.

Seahawks 12K Run at the Landing 2015 Race Report

The Seahawks 12K Run at the Landing: A race that is uphill both ways.

Ever run a race that feels that way? Sunday, I ran the Seahawks 12K with Tiffany and Alyssa, and none of us remembered running down the hills that we had to run up on the back portion of the out-and-back course. Not a big deal, just an observation.

Seahawks 12K Elevation

Overall, this is a fun race…if you’re a fan of the Seahawks. Not so much if you’re, say, a 49ers or Cardinals fan. I’m also a big fan of the location of this race since it’s only about 25 minutes from home.

This, of course, means I’m the designated packet-picker-upper! Early packet pick up was held at Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Landing on Saturday night and it was super smooth even though I was picking up six packets. This worked out great for me since I already had a dinner with friends planned for Saturday evening!

The race seemed more crowded this year than last year. It’s only in its 3rd year of being held. It sold out a couple days prior to the race; it is capped at 12,000 runners for the 5K and 12K.

Seahawks 12K 2015 start finish chute
Me, Alyssa and Tiffany crowded outside of the start chute at the Seahawks 12K.

I went into the race undertrained. Back in February, I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K with Kim, Mel, Tiffany and Alyssa, and felt great. But I took a couple weeks (or more?) off running afterward. I was slowly building back up keeping long runs on the weekend at about an hour of running, getting between 5-6 miles and continuing with strength training 3 times per week, when I got sick the week before Easter.

I had the flu first, and then a couple days later, a chest cold settled in. I took a week off. I started back with my strength training and running about April 8. But I was still hacking up a lung (therefore not sleeping well) even the Tuesday before the 12K, so I decided to take the rest of the week completely off.

That was depressing, but it worked. Friday and Saturday before the race I was feeling pretty good, although I woke up early for no reason (thanks, body) both Saturday and the morning of the race, so I wasn’t very well rested.

The plan was to run easy and have fun. The Seahawks 12K is not a race you can run for time. The course is sort of narrow at spots and very crowded. Unless you start at the very front, you won’t be able to keep any kind of pace consistently.

Even though they start the race in waves, there are no “written” rules about who can start where based on time or anything. So, you could start in the first wave even if you plan to walk a lot. Hopefully, people know not to do that, but also I think a lot of people who don’t regularly run races run this race because of the theme. Not a huge deal, just don’t plan to run this one for time. Have fun with it!

I met Tiffany and her family (who were running the 5K) about a quarter mile from the start in an open Boeing parking lot. I had tried to park a little closer (in the nearby Target parking lot), but it was full by 7:45 a.m. for a 9 a.m. 12K race start.

In retrospect, we should’ve run into the Target and bought up some Lily Pullitzer that was being sold out in other Targets across the country. Nobody in the Target parking lot Sunday morning was there to actually shop at Target.

We went to the start at about 8:15 or so, used the Honey Buckets and then I ran into a work friend from years ago. In fact, I saw lots of friends here and there during or after this race, but wasn’t really able to connect with them because either A) we were running or B) it was too crowded.

The start was so crowded we weren’t even able to get into the chute. We had to wait till the first wave went and then we shimmied our way in. ‘Scuse me. ‘Scuse me. So sorry. ‘Scuse me.

Last year, they shot confetti at the start, which was special. This year, no confetti. Maybe if we would’ve won the Super Bowl…

Last year, I also got to high-five Blitz (the mascot). This year, I never even saw Blitz, although I heard he was there.

Last year was also hotter than this year, although it was pretty warm. Not complaining! I’ll take it over rain and freezing any day. There was also a cool breeze that sort of helped, but there isn’t much shade on the course, so you heat up pretty fast. I wore shorts and a t-shirt, and I sort of wished I hadn’t worn my knee-high Beast Mode socks. I saw some people in long sleeves and pants! Crazy!

The course is a bit tight, if just a bit narrow for all the people. But, like I said, this is just a race to run for fun. It winds out of the parking lot, through the shops, then around behind the Fry’s, and onto Lake Washington Blvd. The road runs parallel with the freeway, which is separated from the road by apartments and houses, so it’s not too loud. On the west side of the road and downhill a bit is Lake Washington. You are also separated from that by park, apartments and houses, but there are spots with pretty views.

I like the out-and-back because you get to cheer on the leaders, and look for friends on the other side.

The course is flat for about a total of 2 miles. The first mile, mile and a half when you’re running through/around shops, and then the last maybe 3/4-mile when you’re almost to the finish. Otherwise, Lake Washington Blvd. is rolling hills. They aren’t too bad, except for on the way back because for some reason, you didn’t notice running down them. I remember that from last year, too. Engage glutes!

You get to the Seahawks practice facility (VMAC) at about Mile 4.25ish. The out is a little longer than the back because you don’t run all the way around/through the shops on the way back. It’s more of a direct route to the finish/start line.

At the VMAC (you run around it), there was a glorious water stop. I wish there’d been one a little earlier, too, since it was so warm. The water stop was stocked with Nuun, which I had a small cup of. That, and a short break to take pictures, helped the calf cramp that had been developing in my right calf.

Seahawks 12K 2015
Tiffany, me and Alyssa at the water stop at the Seahawks practice facility trying to get some players in the background. Kevin Pierre-Louis is in the green hate and Nate Isles is #69.

A few Seahawks players were handing out water. They were laughing and having a good time. They genuinely looked like they were having fun. The two I know the names of were Kevin Pierre-Louis and Nate Isles. We took pictures with them in the background, although I regret not just asking for a selfie or something with them because why not? We also snapped a picture by the practice field.

The way back is not as fun as the way to the VMAC, obviously. But I was glad to see another water station with Nuun at about Mile 6. I took two small cups of Nuun and about a half of a cup of water at that stop.

Tiffany and Alyssa are in better shape than me and I was quiet for the last mile and a half as I tried to keep up. They kept checking in with me, though. Running buddies are the best.

The 12K is marked as 7.71 miles on the organizer’s map on the website. Since I haven’t run over about 6 miles since February, I definitely was feeling it…it was more of a cardio issue than a leg issue, though. My calves, hamstrings and quads were a little sore on Monday and my calves were still tight Tuesday morning.

The only complaint I have about this race only pertains to this year, and it’s about the finish. It wasn’t an issue that I recall at all from last year. But this year the finish chute was jam-packed. We had to stop a couple steps before crossing the timing mat because of the finish chute back-up.

It was a shuffle-step situation after that. There were waters off to the side, but no volunteers to hand them out, so runners were just ripping the packages open to get them, which I think is why it was all backed up.

It felt like forever before we reached the bananas, timing chip return and the medals. That’s right, there were medals this year! And they’re pretty cute, too…if you’re a Seahawks fan, of course.

After we reunited with Tiffany’s family, we got to watch some of the kids 1K run, which was fun.

I also got a pretty sweet tan on my legs, although only from about my knee to mid-thigh, so I’ve got that going for me.

My week off worked and I’m off cough meds, and I’m sleeping pretty well again for the first time in several weeks.

Now I can start training for that marathon I signed up for. That’s right. I signed up for my second marathon! But I’ll have to write about that later…

Were you at the Seahawks run? How did your race go?!

Brooks Trailhead 10K and 15K – use my discount code!

Brooks Trailhead 15K is on May 30th!

I’m very excited to run the Brooks Trailhead 10K and 15K! Well, technically, I’m just running the 15K. LOL! There are two types of registration (regular and VIP–read on to find out more). I am a race ambassador, so use my discount code: momrun15

You will get 15% off of your entry!

You know I love Brooks, so this will be awesome! The start and finish is at Gas Works park, which is a gorgeous setting for a race–same place the See Jane Run race starts. It’s on Lake Union and you can see Seattle in the background; just beautiful.

See Jane Run Seattle 2014
Kim and me at the start of the See Jane Run Seattle 5K. Isn’t the view awesome?

The really cool thing is the two types of registration for each distance. There’s regular registration and then there’s VIP Run Happy Experience registration. Everyone gets a race shirt and a medal–and you know they’ll be nice because Brooks. But, with the VIP registration you get:

  • An invitation for you and a guest to a VIP event at the Brooks Trailhead store (eeeek!)
  • A Limited Edition Brooks Essential long-sleeve 1/2 zip top
  • VIP Race Day Parking (yesssssss, please)
  • Post-race VIP Zone admittance

Go here to register for the Brooks Trailhead 10K and 15K!

I think I will wear my Run Happy shirt and hat for this one! #brooksfangirl

Brooks shoes collection
My Brooks shoe collection. A couple of these are retired, though.

2 of My Favorite Fast and Easy Protein Recipes

Protein Powder Snack Recipes
Vanilla-Peanut Butter Protein Dip

Protein shake for dinner! Who’s with me?

I hate cooking. Hate’s a strong word, but I strongly dislike cooking, so it’s an accurate way to describe how I feel about it. I don’t think it should take longer to make something than it should take to eat it. It’s just not right!

So that’s why I love my BlendTec and my protein powder. Because when the hate to cook overtakes my will to eat, at least I can turn whey’s way for a fast meal. (And if you drink a smoothie too fast it will punish you with a terrible headache!)

The folks at DailyBurn asked me to share my favorite protein recipes on my blog even though I’ve been an absent blogger. Isn’t that nice?

One recipe I want to share is a fruit dip that I am pretty sure I am the first to invent (probably not, but just let me believe, okay?). The other is a smoothie, which I didn’t invent, but wish I had. I’ve altered it a little over time, though, to make it my own.

Vanilla-Peanut Butter Protein Dip

This dip goes great with apples, and is super easy and fast to make. It’s not good with strawberries, though. Just a heads-up. I’ve also tried using chocolate protein powder to a make it because peanut butter and chocolate. Right? But that was not good times, so don’t waste your prot powder on that! The other thing: Your vanilla protein powder matters. Some powders have thickeners in them and other things that leave a weird taste in your mouth. Choose your powder wisely.

1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt (use whatever fat content you want)

1 thumb* of natural peanut butter

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and stir until mixed. It will be thick like frosting (depending on how thick your protein powder is). If you want it creamier, add a little yogurt or a splash of water. Then, eat with apple slices for a healthy and filling snack!


Chocolate Cherry Almond Protein Smoothie**

8-12 ounces liquid (I use water, but almond milk works well, too)

2 heaping scoops chocolate protein powder

A handful of frozen cherries

A fistful of spinach (you can’t taste it)

1 or 2 thumbs* of walnuts (I also used almonds)

1-2 drops of almond extract (careful—too many drops can overpower everything else)

A few chocolate nibs***

1 cup of crushed ice

The thing about smoothies is that the order you put in the ingredients matters. I only know this because I worked at a smoothie place in college. First, put in your liquid (or liquids—water and yogurt or ice cream, what have you), then your powder(s), next your fruit, veggies and nuts, then the ice. It’s actually better to blend everything before you add ice. Just makes your smoothie that much smoother. J

So, put in your water, then your protein powder and extra chocolate (nibs or natural cocoa powder). Next the cherries and walnuts (or almonds). Blend for about 60 seconds. I just use my smoothie setting on the BlendTec. Then, add the spinach and top with the crushed ice. Blend again for 60 seconds or until it’s as smooth as you like it (I just use the smoothie setting on my BlendTec again). Pour into your fave smoothie cup and drink!

There you go, two great ways to get extra protein into your nutrition without cooking!

One last thing: This is not a sponsored post, but DailyBurn did ask me to write it. They’d also like you to check out their Fuel-6 protein page if you’re interested in learning more about their protein powders.

*This is just one of the great tips I learned from Precision Nutrition. Use your thumb as a guide for your fats. Your thumb is the best guide because it’s a serving size that’s in proportion with your own body. My thumb equals about a Tablespoon-sized serving.

**The original recipe is from Precision Nutrition and does not include almond extract (or use almonds). Makes about 24 ounces.

***I can’t find these to save my life. I just sprinkle in some natural cocoa powder.

This Post Will Not Help You with Your Fitness Goals or Tell You the Answer to that Dress Question

I don’t want to write this blog post.

There are like a crap-ton of other things shitty things I’d prefer to be doing other than writing this. In fact, I’d rather wash a sink full of dishes that have been sitting in sink at a Las Vegas Crapplebee’s for a week, or scrub a gas station toilet with my bare hands…in New Orleans, or watch 3 minutes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

But, in a moment of stupidity on Facebook, I was all, “Who wants to follow my progress when I restart ‘The New Rules of Lifting for Women’?” And I think there were about six of you who said you wanted to.

You bastards.

Since then, the guilt about not posting anything has been tugging at my shirt hem like your kid does when you’re trying to have a phone conversation about where to send this annoying child during the day. Relax, I’m kidding.

I actually have written a couple of posts, but they literally put me to sleep while I was typing them. Not kidding.

In fact, I just woke up from my coma today. What day is it? Where am I? Why is a hideous dress going viral on the Internet?


I only want to tell you guys the truth. And that is that I don’t want to write this blog post.

If you still insist on following my progress because you aren’t a good listener, sign up for DailyMile or Twitter. (To annoy my husband, which is my life’s purpose, all of my DailyMile posts automatically post to Twitter). You guys, if you really care about not putting me into another coma, then you will follow me in one of those two ways.

Because I just can’t write about my workouts anymore. Hearing about other people’s workouts is like listening to anything Dakota Johnson has to say. Yeah. Don’t care.

I suppose if you are learning about something new, it is mildly interesting to see what someone else is doing. Thus, DailyMile and Twitter, people.

But, because we are here, unfortunately—this is what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to give you what I’ve been doing in an eggshell (slightly bigger than a nut).

  • I lift heavy weights approx. 3x/week using “The New Rules of Lifting for Women” (right now)
  • I use lighter dumbbells for Metabolic Effect circuits 2-3x/week
  • I run at a moderate or slower pace approx. 2-3x/week (one of those being a long run)
  • I do short (5, 10 or 15 min.) metabolic sprints on a treadmill, bike or stair machine 2-3x/week (example: 30 seconds hard, 60 easy)
  • I go for cortisol-lowering walks when I can find the time (not very often)

My workouts are usually between 30-60 minutes. For food stuff, I follow Precision Nutrition for common-sense, healthy ideas about what food and how much of it to put into my body.

And, dude, there are about a gazillion qualified people to get health and fitness advice from on the Internet. My favorite legit ones are Jen Sinkler, Jill Coleman, Nia Shanks and Molly Galbraith. Go forth, and read their wisdom.

Because I really don’t want to write this blog post. And I doubt there will be anything worth reading past this point.

By the way, I am running the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K on Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing friends and eating the chocolate fondue at the end. And getting a pretty sweatshirt.

Told you!

Tina Fey was right. People really don’t listen.

Everybody’s Been Asking Me Where I’ve Been*


If you have visited this site in the past, you may be wondering where I’ve been. If you have not visited this site before, then welcome! Welcome to my space on the Internet where I impart my slightly correct and partially extensive knowledge of running and fitness. Now, I shall tell you where I have been.

I haven’t been anywhere, dummies. I’ve been where I normally am: at home, at work, at the gym and at the froyo place down the street. (Yogurt store name withheld.) So if you haven’t looked for me in those places, then you’ve looked about as well as my husband looks for his keys before asking me 12 seconds later where they are.

So. Where have I been?

Well, unlike your mom, I haven’t been on the streets.** When it comes to keeping my body in tip-top 37-year-old-with-a-desk-job shape, running just won’t cut it. So I’ve been at the gym hitting the weights. Like literally hitting them. With my head. I’m pretty sure I gave myself a concussion on Tuesday. I mean, I think I did…I can’t really remember.

I love the gym. I could hang out there all day if I didn’t have other pesky things that have to get done like parenting.

And I’m getting stronger. Unfortunately, you can’t see the results as well as you should be able to because, besides the gym, I’ve been hitting the cookies pretty hard. And, by cookies, I also mean wine.

It’s safe to say, unless there’s a runner-murderer hiding behind my couch right now, weightlifting has officially taken over my workouts. I try to run more than two times a week, but it doesn’t always happen.

Sometimes I do my moderate cardio on my bike trainer instead while watching educational television programs, such as Clueless, a nostalgic take on what high school life was actually like in ’90s!

I gotta say, I thought I would miss running a little more than I do. But I don’t. Ask me about it in March when it’s time to run a 15K with my friends.

*Not really.
**I’m sorry, I do NOT know what got into me there.

Nuun Giveaway Winner

Quick pop-in to tell you who won the Nuun Giveaway!

The Nuun Giveaway Winner is (chosen by #13 – Tiffany! Lucky 13! Please email me at Kerrie (at) sanitydepartment (dot) com, so I can get you your Nuun!

In other news: I bought the binder from Precision Nutrition. Making my way through it, and started incorporating some of the things I’ve learned. I’ll share more later. For now, enjoy your Wednesday night TV…whatever is on. I watch everything on DVR or Hulu…