5 of My Favorite Things This Week

1. Races Pictures!

We got some good ones last weekend at the Seahawks 12K like the one above of me, Mel and her sister. And, by the way, this might be the best race picture of me ever. Not too much double chin. I’m in the frame. I’m smiling. I might buy it. Would only be better if Mel was next to me instead of behind me, but I think this was the start where we were all smushed together.

2. 3 Books

If running is my therapist, then books are my life coach.

First off, I read Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald this week. It’s a quick read. It was interesting. It differs greatly from Metabolic Effect, as you probably imagine, but I liked it. Look for a post about these books coming up.

I have been struggling with my writer dreams a lot lately. In fact, I thought about giving them up. Luckily, I found these two books: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller, which I’m almost done with, and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, which I just started.

A Million Miles relates storytelling and life, and it has encouraged me to look at life as a series of stories, and to work harder to create better stories. Get out of my comfort zone. Try new things. Have new experiences.

Next week, I will embark on the story of repping Nuun with my friend Zoë in Nashville. Occasionally, when I think about it, panic ripples through my stomach, followed by tingling. I am both petrified and thrilled to be going on this trip. Should make for a good story!

The War of Art tells me I am not alone. This constant, frustrating, confusing, powerful and unexplainable need to write fiction that I feel is not weird. A lot of artists and entrepreneur-type people have this curse, I now realize. I’ve only just started reading this book, but I look forward to its encouraging message, and hope it will help get me past, what Pressfield calls, The Resistance, so that I can get finally finish something!

3. Better Off Ted

I loved this show. Do you remember this show? It was on from March 2009 to Jan. 2010, so you may not remember it. I thought it was hilarious and could not (and still don’t) understand why it got canceled.

It’s about these people who work in the largest corporation in America. A company that is morally corrupt. They make everything from cryogenic freezing chambers and office chairs to meat grown in a lab. Obviously, it’s satire.

Well, it’s on Netflix now! I was so excited, I watched the pilot while I was on the treadmill today. Still funny!

And now that it’s been a few years, I wonder if the show was ahead of its time. The show’s main character breaks, what is known as, the “fourth wall” and talks to the audience. ALL the shows do that now, but that was unusual then.

I also think the subject about the ridiculous size and moral values of the corporation is more relevant now. Have you seen the show? If not, I highly recommend checking it out on Netflix.

4. New friends.

I have some great neighbors. But I don’t really know them. Although, I might seem outgoing, I’m also really insecure. I’m often afraid to spend time with new people, especially one-on-one time.

I talk a lot–especially when I’m nervous–and I’m loud. I overshare. I tell a lot of stories that often sometimes have no point. I’m learning to accept these things about myself. I am what I am.

Today, me and a neighbor went to the nail salon together and I had a blast. One of the nice ladies that works at the salon said to my friend, “She always has so much fun when she’s here.” I would like to be known as someone who is happy and who is fun to be around, so that was nice to hear.

Maybe that’s why I like Pharrell’s “Happy” song so much. I know not everyone likes it (although I can’t understand that!).

5. Writing

Mostly because of The War of Art, I am embracing writing fiction in a good, positive way. It’s not a curse, but a gift. I am making 30 minutes a day of creative writing my goal.

Changing my mentality from “all or nothing” to “every little bit counts.” Of course, blogging doesn’t count. Neither does my “day job” (copywriting).

But, so far, I’ve gone two days, and today I wrote what I think is a pretty good synopsis of a screenplay that I think I can outline and then *gasp* write the damn thing.

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5 Things New Runners Should Avoid Doing at All Costs

5 Things New Runners Should Avoid at All Costs
Are you a new runner? Whatever you do, don’t make these 5 mistakes.

1. Listen to more experienced runners.

“Old” runners will tell you about some boring thing called the 10% rule, not to run every day, and to do cross and strength training. What do they know?

2. Eat healthy.

Why run if you can’t reward yourself with gallons of beer and wine, or a dozen cupcakes?

3. Walk.

Only weak people walk. See #4.

4. Slow down.

Run as fast as you can. Running should be painful and you should feel near death when finished. If not, you’re doing it wrong.

5. Run outside.

Running outside is for healthy-eaters who think it’s okay to *gasp* walk.

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How to Not Be a Terrible Running Buddy

rnr13_dumbThe mental side of running is huge. No doubt about it.

For about a year, I’ve been in a bad mental space when it came to running. Look at that ugly face I’m making up there after last year’s Seattle Rock N Roll Half. Boo on that face. Boo on that attitude. (I was sort of joking around, but still.) Poor Zoë (Run, Zoë, Run) had to run with me.

That’s the thing. When you have a poor attitude, it doesn’t just affect you. It affects those around you. (No wonder I’ve been running alone so much lately.)

Recently, though, I’ve made a change. It was simple, really, I just changed my mind about having a bad attitude. I just made up my mind: No more bad attitude about running.

Any time I got a bad attitude, I told myself–in my best Olaf voice–NOPE! And I turned it around and thought happy thoughts. Nine miles on the treadmill? Yippee! I will catch up with Dancing with the Stars.

Yesterday, I ran the Seahawks 12K from start to finish with my good friend Mel (Tall Mom on the Run). We often start races together, but have never finished together before because usually one of us is feeling better than the other. But we decided to just have fun yesterday.

We literally talked and laughed for 7.7 miles (or 71 minutes)…except on the steep hills.

We just made up our minds to have fun and be positive. And, no doubt about it, we had a blast!

The back of my head and Mel's head at the start of the Seahawks 12K.

The back of my head and Mel’s head at the start of the Seahawks 12K.

More on the race later. Meantime, how do you stay positive when you’re facing a tough workout or race?

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The Embarrassing Truth about My Upcoming Trip to Nashville

I wasn’t afraid of too many things when I was younger. I flew to Switzerland when I was 16 and lived with complete strangers that spoke a different language. Growing up, I regularly went body surfing off the coast of California. And I always drove way too fast on the freeway.

Then I grew up and had a child.

Being a parent adds a whole new level of scared to your psyche. In fact, I think most parents walk around feeling like they’ve been punched in the gut about 90 percent of the time. Then again, that could just be me.

Experts say the stress hormone, cortisol, is linked to belly fat. Could this be an explanation for why people who have kids have a more difficult time losing the frontal flab? Hmm?

Soon, I am getting on an airplane with my friend Zoe and flying across the country…without my family. I can literally feel my stomach getting fatter by the second.

I know people who fly all over the globe all the time. Parents, even. But it is my first time going on an extended trip without my husband and son.

And it scares the shit out of me.

This is the second time Nuun has given me an opportunity to face my fears. In 2011, I was lucky enough to run the Hood to Coast Relay with them.

2011 Hood to Coast Relay start

I’m incredibly grateful to be going on this adventure with Zoe to run the Country Music Marathon half thanks to Nuun, and I’m taking comfort in motivational quotes, and also a very timely book I’m reading about writing your own life story.

Tell me about a time you were scared for a running adventure! How did you overcome?


(Correction: The race week isn’t until the 22nd.)

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Why Are There Such Things as Gray Running Tights?

Zoe, me, Mel and Amanda. Probably the last time I wore these tights: February 2010.

Zoe, me, Mel and Amanda. Probably the last time I wore these tights: February 2010.

Oh, I had a pair of gray running tights…before my friends told me why one should not wear gray running tights: Gray doesn’t hide crotch sweat. Like at all.

You gotta wonder why they even make them.

It’s such a bummer because I keep seeing fun colors in stores, but then I think Do I want to look like I peed my pants after I run? There’ve been a couple of times I thought way too long about the answer to that question.

So, just say “no” to gray tights…or pink…or blue…or purple…unless you plan on wearing a skirt over them.

Just a friendly public service announcement. Have a great evening!

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Saturday Mornings

runningpictureMy son brought home a writing book from kindergarten. There were three different entries all similar to this one. Don’t worry, my husband’s always home.

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This Week, I Did a Little Experiment

Here’s what I found out about my body:

Last week, I did 2 days of Metabolic Effect workouts (I missed one day), and three days of running (sprints, tempo and a long run of 9 miles for a total of about 14.3 miles in the week). I also did easy walking three times. I stopped worrying about calories and just ate based on what I know about my body (more nutrition from protein and veggies, and a little starchy carbs, although I admit I had some multigrain chip binges).

Last week, I lost almost 2 pounds, putting me at 152.8. I had been stuck around 155 for weeks. I was very excited, and got my nails done as a reward. Sparkles!

The difference between 155 and 152.8, I believe, was more walking and less worrying about getting “enough” or “too many” calories. I ate when I was hungry, and like I said above, I ate based on what I know about how my body processes protein, veggies and starches. Unfortunately, I think I lost muscle since my measurements did not change.

This week, I didn’t run at all. My left leg, just below my left knee, and my left ankle were not feeling right the day after the 9-miler, so I decided to just take a whole week off of running. I did 3 days of Metabolic Effect workouts and I WALKED EVERY DAY. One day, I walked twice. Walking mileage was just over 8 miles for the week (I will walk again today). I continued to not worry about calories, just like last week, and ate pretty much the same as last week. Again, I had a few carb-binge sessions. (I cannot have those damn multigrain chips in my house!)

This week, I gained .2 pounds to put me at 153. POINT TWO. That’s nothing. I basically stayed the same. My measurements did not change again. I also got my lovely “gift” today, which I can usually blame for some weight gain.

I find this so interesting. Last week, and the week before, I ran more than I’ve run in a while (since I’m training for Nashville), and this week I did not run at all and stayed the same. But I did my weights. And I ate well (probably 80% of the time), and I walked a lot.

I’m really enjoying walking. I put on a podcast and just go during my lunch break. It helps that the weather has been less wet, and I can get outside. At home, I’ll walk and watch a show on TV. It’s hard to watch a show when I run on the treadmill because I can’t hear the dialogue very well.

I also have been enjoying walking because I can think. I’m back to working on my writing and I can think about things when I’m on a walk. I think when I’m on a run, but it’s different. Not as clear or deep.

I still enjoy running, but it’s nice to reinforce the idea that I don’t need it. Running is more fun when it’s not homework. Still. I have a bunch of races coming up, so I will get back to running this week.

April races: Seahawks 12K on 4/13, Country Music Half Marathon (RNR Nashville) on 4/26 Zoe repping Nuun. (BTWs, watermelon is back!)

Future races:

Five-Mile Lake Women’s Tri on 6/15. I did this race last year and loved it. Want to try a tri? It’s the perfect little race. Women only. Friendly, easy going atmosphere. Use the discount code SANITYDEPT 14 to save 10% on your entry fee!

Snohomish Women’s Run on 5/18. This is a women’s half, which will be closed to 500 participants, so sign up now! Use the discount code MOMVSMARATHON2014 to save 10% on your entry fee! The shirts are awesome and if you sign up by 4/25, you can get a personalized race bib. Here are the shirts:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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